The American Footsteps tour.

  • Hear how the American paratroopers liberated the village of Sainte Mere Eglise in the very first hours of invasion and visit the Airborne Museum.
  • Learn why the battle of Normandy is also known as the battle of the hedgerows as we drive through the countryside.
  • Stand on Utah Beach where the landing took place and learn about the twist of fate that saved the lives of so many soldiers.
  • Visit Pointe du Hoc and hear the stories of the Rangers who scaled the cliffs to capture the German Gun battery.
  • Stand on Omaha Beach and learn about the landing stage by stage and the tragic events that traumatised so many soldiers.
  • Visit the American Military Cemetery and pay your respects to the 9386 soldiers resting there.
Sainte Mere Eglise

The British Footsteps tour.

  • See the famous Pegasus Bridge and learn about the successful gliderborne assault. Visit the Museum.
  • Visit the British and Commonwealth War Cemetery and pay your respects to the 2560 soldiers resting there.
  • Discover the Grand Bunker and understand the Germans defences.
  • Stand on Sword Beach where the British and French landed and learn how they took their objectives.
  • See Gold Beach and the remains of the Mulberry harbour and learn how it was created
Pegasus Bridge

The Canadian Footsteps tour.

  • Journey to Bernieres sur Mer to see the famous Canada House and hear about the landing on Juno Beach
  • Visit the Juno Beach Center located on one of the German strongpoint part of the Atlantic Wall
  • Visit the Canadian Military Cemetery and pay our respects to the 2049 soldiers resting there
  • Visit the German Gun Battery at Longues sur Mer
  • Visit the Abbaye d'Ardennes and hear about the execution of the Canadian soldiers
Canadian footsteps tour

The Band of Brothers tour.

  • Made famous by the HBO series, the tour takes you in the footsteps of Easy Company 506th PIR 101st Airborne, through Sainte Mere Eglise, Ambush site, Beuzeville au Plain, Marmion Farm, Audoville la Hubert, Brecourt Manor, Sainte Marie du Mont, Culloville, Dead Man's Corner, the Carentan Causeway, Battle of Carentan, Bloody Glutch. Your guide is Duncan, retired from the British army and a guide licensed by the ETOA.
Band of Brothers